Civil Construction Site Safety

As a prominent, responsible entity, Marbern Infrastructure has a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety system which is implemented across all its operations.

The company is committed to preventing harm and ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees, visitors and the public.

Lead by Health and Safety Manager Dougal Holmes, Occupational Health and Safety policies and practices are firmly integrated into Marbern’s modus operandi and are central to the group’s delivery ethos.

Marbern Infrastructure’s aim is to continually improve occupational health, safety and welfare standards and as such we will:

  • Comply with all relevant New Zealand laws, regulations, and standards
  • Identify & manage hazards, eliminate unsafe behaviour and conditions from the work place
  • Address health safety and environmental implications of all operations
  • Communicate and consult with all relevant stakeholders
  • Ensure all employees take reasonable steps to prevent injury to themselves and others
  • Train and hold individuals accountable for their area of responsibility
  • Ensure active management involvement in health, safety and environmental matters
  • Prepare, test and maintain emergency procedures
  • Manage risk by investigating and reporting all work related incidents, and taking corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Demonstrate commitment to an equitable end effective injury management programme
  • Undertake pre-employment drug testing of all potential employees.

Staff Induction
When undertaking projects Marbern Infrastructure ensures that all staff are site inducted whether internally or through induction process of third party, have full understanding of site hazards and have collectively completed and signed off on site Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA), Task Analysis and Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP). Further the company requires compulsory all-staff daily site tool box / tailgate to revisit all existing hazards, identification of new hazards and clarification of the processes to mitigate said risks.

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